Carpet Cleaning Service

We leave your carpet soft and clean.

It is on the carpet where the house mites most often make their homes. It’s their nest! While removing bedroom carpet is a step many reluctant to take, it is the best way to reduce mites. Many studies show the importance of carpet removal in limiting both your exposure to mites and the symptoms they cause. These same studies also suggest that if the carpet is not removed, your symptoms likely to continue.

If removing your carpet is simply not an option, vacuuming using a power nozzle is recommended at least twice a year. Actually, it is the mites dropping, not the mites themselves, to which mite-allergic people react.

If you are allergic to several agents such as pollen, mold spores, dogs or cats and house mites, for example, it is still the best to vacuum at least once every six months. Here come our professional solutions. Our Power Nozzle technology removes dirt from deep within your carpet and large rugs. Its powerful revolving brush loosens lint, threads, hair, dirt, and even mites, leaving your carpet soft and clean. Active brush edge cleaners help remove dirt trapped along carpet edges and baseboards.