Dining Chair Cleaning Service

We ensure that the dining chairs are thoroughly cleaned and refreshed.

Dining area is the most dangerous part to put upholstery furniture as the spill of food, milk, and other types of liquid are obvious and frequent. These spills convert into stains and they also reduce the life of the furniture.

Our dining chair cleaning treatment uses chemical safe cleaning products and state of the art upholstery cleaning technology to ensure gentle and safe upholstery cleaning treatment for dining chair. Because your fabric dining chairs will not be wet during our dining chair cleaning treatment, the fabric upholstery will not be damaged or shrink after cleaning treatment is completed.

Fabric dining chairs would initially be vacuumed to remove dust and dirt particles trapped within the dining seat. Stains would then be treated with our stain removal solutions before the dining seats undergo shampooing process. To top it off, we also sanitise the cleaned upholstery set to eliminate micro organism like dust mites, mould, and bacteria for a holistic and thorough hygiene treatment.